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Hellios II

Hellios II, a versatile self-propelled sprayer

The Hellios is a highly versatile self-propelled sprayer. The machine features a 140 hp engine and booms between 24 to 38m width. Hellios: from 24 to 32 m; model Hellios 36:b>Hellios 36: 36, 36/38 and 38 m), 2500 or 3000 l main tank)< The Hellios is the lightest sprayer in it’s category: With an unladen weight of 6,3 t only and a hydromechanic transmission on the rear axle, the Hellios allows operations at a very early stage in the season as it will easily run on wet or soft soils.

New: The Hellios 36 featuring an enhanced suspension and a widened front frame has been launched in 2013.

Driving comfort: The Hellios range of sprayers all come with Cabs rated to the Category 4 standard thus granting highest operational safety and healthy working conditions at all times. The cabin interior is soundproof, the tainted windshields offer a panoramic view when driving on road or in the fields. The cabin suspension offers great driving comfort during long working days. Its excellent weight/power ratio: I was looking for a light sprayer to minimize soil compaction. With its 6.3 tons, the Hellios is fully in line with my needs: it is by far the lightest sprayer of its category! Now that I work with the Hellios, my spraying operations became very time efficient thanks to the large capacity main tank, while preserving my soils at the smae time.   Its handling ability: The Hellios is a highly versatile and easy to handle self-propelled sprayer. Thanks to the 140 hp engine, the little weight and the Hydromechanic transmission, and the 4 wheel driving/ steering system, the Hellios allows operations under any conditions.
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