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Salon Betteravenir 2016
Nous serons présents les 26 et 27 Octobre prochain à Betteravenir 2016

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Offres de saison
Scie à colza et Mobil Cord : découvrez nos offres promotionnelles

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Nouvel Hellios II
Découvrez l'Hellios II, remplaçant officiel de l'automoteur Hellios

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Du nouveau dans le réseau !
Leray Agriculture : nouveau concessionnaire Matrot

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MATROT's wide range of self-propelled sprayers

Discover our numerous equipments.

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DGPS Stabilis Clinair Nozzles Maintenance kits


All our booms are fitted with NOZAL nozzles.

We provide these nozzles in their Kwix form : monobloc set combining a nozzle insert with a bayonet cap easy and quick to install on ISO nozzle holders.

The nozzle bodies are of colored resin for easy and immediate identification of the flow rate of the nozzles fitted to the boom.

Each nozzle is automatically tested to ensure that variation from nominal flow rate is within +5/-5 % tolerance.

The distance between the target and the boom influences the distribution's uniformity. This height is based on : spray angle 80° or 110° / 120°. Generally, good spray coverage is achieved by double or triple overlapping.

Several models of nozzles are available :

      Conventional flat fan nozzle AFX
      Double flat fan nozzle with air-injection and drift control ATX
      Flat fan nozzle with air-injection and drift control ADX
      Flat fan nozzle with air-injection and drift control RDX
      Flat fan nozzle with air-injection and drift control ARX
      Trifilet nozzle for liquid fertilizer
      Pentafilet nozzle for liquid fertilizer R5X

For more information about characteristics and flow rates of Nozal nozzles, click here.
Matrot is part of Group Exel Industries